3 Signs You Have an Abscess

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When a patient has a skin abscess, it generally comes in the form of a tender mass varying in color — from pink to deep red. Most abscesses can be felt easily through touch. A large majority of abscesses are caused by infection. Abscesses are filled with bacteria, debris, and pus.

The Most Common Areas to Get an Abscess Include:

  • Armpits (axillae
  • Base of the Spine
  • Hair Follicle
  • Around a Tooth
  • The Groin Area
  • The Anus
  • The Vagina

Read on for a few symptoms that come along with having an abcess.

1.) You Have a Red Mass

Abscess symptoms might include the well-known red mass which can be painful to the touch as well as compressible. These tender masses can progress and come to a “point” which exposes the material inside and can also be ruptured. A sore that is any larger than 1 centimeter across should be seen by a physician immediately.

2.) The Mass is Getting Larger and More Painful

An abcess will usually continue to develop and get worse if a patient doesn’t seek immediate care. An infection can also spread — tissues under the skin can be affected and infections can even reach the bloodstream if an abscess goes ignored for too long.

3.) The Sore is Near the Rectal or Groin Areas

If you have a sore that occurs near the rectal area or groin area, please contact a physician as soon as you can.

If the infection is left untreated, deeper tissues can be affected and you can even start to get a fever and fall ill. Don’t let an easily treatable situation get out of hand. Contact familyfirst Family Medical Practice today to schedule your consultation. If you do indeed have an abscess, we can give you the treatment you need and get you back to healthy and well again.


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