Whether your child is in their teens or younger, if they’re going to be active, t’s important to have an understanding of their body before they step foot on the field or court of competition. It’s crucial to understand what’s safe and unsafe for your adolescent child, even if all they do is play at the park.

It’s better to know of any conditions or health problems so you can cater your child’s fitness and health routine around those limitations, so your child can live a safe and active life.

Read on to learn about what you need to do before you take your child to their first day of practice.

Teenage Athlete

Living Healthier Through Knowledge and Preventive Medicine

We’re all about families living healthier. We’re also about athletes playing their respective sports smarter at familyfirst, where we encourage growth and development. We’re all about building relationships with our patients that can last for generations, helping the members of our community live active, healthy, happy lives.

Adolescent Athletic Trends

Child Trends asserts that student athletes report healthier eating habits, show a higher level of cardiovascular fitness, and work within team and social settings at a higher level than those who don’t engage in sports or other extracurricular activities. Seems like a no-brainer to get your child involved in something.

The number of adolescents involved in athletics doesn’t look like it’s going to drop any time soon, either. The Healthy People 2020 initiative recently set goals to increase physical exercise among kids and adolescents, promote daily recess, and increase daily physical education. It’s important to have a medical professional give your child a health and wellness screening.

Young Athlete
Young Athlete

No Matter the Sport, a Physical is Necessary

Whether your child plays football, soccer, basketball, wrestling, hockey, it’s important for them to undergo a physical examination by a specialist. A physical is performed paying special attention to the wellbeing and safety of your child during any sort or physical activity.

It’s true, not all sports are created equal. Some sports are a great deal more physical than others. But accidents can happen in any sport. And we’ll be here for both the accidents and the accomplishments. Call familyfirst Medical to schedule your initial consultation with you and your child. We specialize in family members from all walks of life, infancy to senior age.