Arthritis Risks to be Aware of

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Arthritis is a fairly common condition – in fact, a whopping 1 in 4 Americans suffer from it. You can take proactive steps in your life to reduce or prevent the effects of Arthritis. In order to do so, you need to be aware of certain risk factors that are commonly associated with it.

1. Obesity

People who are obese or overweight are more likely to develop osteoarthritis. If you are already suffering from osteoarthritis, the additional weight puts extra stress on the joints, thus making the condition worse. Developing healthy habits like clean eating and indulging in physical activity can help reduce the risk of arthritis.

2. Joint Injuries

Any previous injury or additional stress to the joints can quicken the onset of osteoarthritis. Exposure to repetitive stress without the right treatment is a huge risk. To avoid this, it is recommended to visit a doctor and practice the prescribed joint exercises.

3. Smoking

Cigarette smoking is a known risk when it comes to rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Apart from other medical illnesses, smoking can cause RA and also worsen the effects of Rheumatoid arthritis. Active smokers have trouble engaging in physical activity as well, thus adding to the overall risk of arthritis. If you want to ensure that this risk is minimized, it’s ideal to quit smoking at the earliest.

4. Occupation

Some jobs require people to be on their feet for long periods of time and lift heavy items along with regular bending down and squatting. Occupations that require strenuous physical activity are also a risk. In such cases, you can ensure that the workplace is safe, there are no fall hazards and proper safety measures are put in place to avoid any potential injuries.

These are the risk factors that can be controlled. However, there are certain risks that cannot be brought under control. For instance, age is a huge factor when it comes to arthritis. The risk for arthritis keeps increasing as you get older. Similarly, gender and genetics play a role in arthritis as well. Women are highly likely to get arthritis while there are certain genes like HLA (human leukocyte antigen) that make arthritis worse.


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