Developmental Assessments for Young Children

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Developmental Assessments for Young Children

Every parent wants their child to have a healthy, happy childhood. But the early stages of childhood can be quite stressful for parents who worry that their child isn’t growing fast enough, or is missing key developmental milestones.

Often, this is nothing to worry about. Children grow at different paces, even if they tend to hit the same milestones within a few months of each other. Still, at familyfirst we recommend bringing your child in for regular developmental assessments. This will help you determine if your child needs anything else from you (a different diet, more social time, etc.) to help them grow.

We can make sure that your child is:

· Physically developing at the proper pace. Are they crawling and walking when they should be?
· Learning language. Are your child’s vocabulary and grammar skills increasing?
· Developing their motor skills
· And more

If you haven’t already, bring your child in for a developmental assessment at familyfirst. We can’t wait to help your child grow into the person they were meant to be.


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