Staying Safe from Flu During the Holidays

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‘Tis the season, not just of holidays, happiness and love but also flu season. No one wants to be sick, coughing and sneezing their way through the best time of the year. The holiday season should be about making happy memories with your loved ones and not battling through cold and flu.

Here are some effective ways to stay safe from the flu during the holidays.

  1. While holidays are a great excuse to relax, eat to the heart’s content or engage in gluttony. There is no reason to stop living a healthy lifestyle. Even if you’re home for the holidays or simply taking a break, do not stop exercising. A small jog or a long walk along with easy indoor exercises help keep the immune system active.
  2. If you do notice signs of early onset of the flu, keep disinfecting as you go. Avoid coughing or sneezing near common areas such as kitchens and living spaces. While handling food, take extra caution as to not sneeze near it and use gloves while serving.
  3. Stress and anxiety tend to aggravate the flu and make you feel even worse. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, be sure to take a break and relax. Remember the holidays are about having a good time and to not let any pressure get to you.
  4. Keep your hands clean at all times. With the flu season in full swing, it is best to wash your hands with soap as and when possible to avoid germs and bacteria. 
  5. Traveling is a big part of the holiday season. This is also where you’re most likely to be in contact with the maximum number of germs possible. Make sure to disinfect your hands if possible. Make it a point to keep your face covered and to touch fewer surfaces.
  6. Vaccination is the best way to avoid the flu season altogether. Getting vaccinated will reduce your chances of falling sick drastically and help fight against strong strains of the influenza virus. 

There are many steps to take to have a healthy and happy holiday season. A lot of them are easy to implement and are simple enough to not need an explanation. While celebrating, remember that the holiday season is about friends, family, love, and togetherness and amongst al this wholesomeness there is no space left for the flu.


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