What to Expect During an Autism Screening

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Autism Screening

Autism can be challenging to diagnose, given that there is no actual medical test to rely on for diagnosis. No blood test or genetic test can help identify neurological and developmental disorders like autism.

Then How is Autism Diagnosed?

Autism is diagnosed through monitoring and analyzing a patient’s behaviors and their overall development. There is a basic criteria that helps doctors diagnose autism.

Did you know that autism screening is actually already a part of a majority of routine pediatric checkups. A good doctor helps parents be on the lookout for any red flags, and, if a child/patient does develop the disorder, get the professional support and guidance they need to make proper adjustments and get proper care.

Many pediatricians look for developmental delays and/or disabilities in between the 9 and 30 month range. Read on for more information about how we help diagnose autism.

Diagnostic Evaluations (Comprehensive)

Examples such as the Gilliam Autism Rating Scale-Second Edition (or GARS-2) and the Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised (ADI-R) are two diagnostic tests that help diagnose autism.
Tools like these help physicians identify whether or not a child meets certain criteria attributed to autism.

Physicians generally score based on current behaviors, past behaviors (usually as reported by parents, educators, or close family members), as well as direct observation.

Diagnostic tools are beneficial in detecting autism because they take into consideration myriad information, like learning delays, problems with socializing, or even using repetition (in gestures, for instance).

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If you believe your child exhibits signs of autism, it’s important to contact a physician who can help you take the next steps and get a proper diagnosis. The important thing is getting the most accurate diagnosis for your child. We’ll give you the assistance you need to put yourself in the know. If your child does indeed have autism, we can help you and your child more easily manage the situation. Call familyfirst today to schedule a consultation.

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