Do you think that hypertension has to do with nervousness and restlessness? It’s understandable, based on the term, but hypertension actually doesn’t have much to do with either of those things. Hypertension actually has to do with dangerously high blood pressure, where the heart has to work on overtime to distribute blood to the rest of the body.

Hypertension can also contribute to the hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis), which leads to stroke, kidney disease, and even heart failure.

Don’t allow hypertension to infiltrate your life and affect your livelihood.

Family First Hypertension

Hypertension by the Numbers

Over 75 million adults in the United States live with high blood pressure (1 in every 3 adults). Another 1 in 3 adults has prehypertension (blood sugar levels that sit higher than normal), which is, of course, an early precursor of hypertension.

Hypertension comes at a huge cost to our nation — over $48,600,000,000.00 each year (including cost of healthcare services, medications, and days missed at work).

Read on for ways to lower your blood pressure immediately.

Making Key Lifestyle Changes

There are some quick lifestyle changes you can make that will make a big impact on your blood pressure. Losing a little bit of weight (any amount) can lower your blood pressure. Regular exercise and diet change will also help. Reducing sodium and limiting alcohol consumption are two measures you can take that will produce immediate results. Changing to a vegetable-based diet and eating simple, clean, hard-working foods will start showing you positive results in a matter of 24-48 hours.


Smoking, drinking alcohol, eating bad foods (high in sodium, low in potassium), lack of exercise, sitting down for long periods of time at work, obesity — all of these less-than-ideal habits will all increase your risk for hypertension.

What if the Simple Fixes Don’t Work?

If you need more assistance with your hypertension and high blood pressure, call familyfirst. Only a little more than half (about 54%) of Americans have their hypertension under control. Hypertension results in over 1,000 deaths daily. With the proper preventive medicine, professional guidance, and comprehensive treatment, we can get you back on your feet and living a better quality of life for years to come.

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